Submitting an AsPac Conference Paper

If you do not wish to undergo peer review but feel that your materials would be useful to a wide audience, please submit your papers for online presentation.

Submissions can usually be made electronically.  The most frequent reason we sometimes require a disk copy is the presence of numerous large graphics, or occasionally problems with unusual fonts.  We accept either hard copy or electronic submissions. Please include a one or two paragraph abstract of your paper as well as current contact information (address & email) in the case of conversion problems or questions with your paper. If you choose the submit your paper electronically, please email the paper as an attachment to the following address:, with “AsPac PAPER” in the “subject” field.

If you choose to send your paper via normal mail, please include a CD containing a copy of your paper and if necessary, all images or additional tables. In addition, please include a printed copy of your paper. In order to maintain the quality of both materials, please include them in a well-padded envelope. Mail the envelope to the following address:

Pacific University
C/O Prof. Jeffrey Barlow
2043 College Way
Forest Grove, OR, 97116