AsPac Conference Papers – Index by Region

The following page is an index of previously submitted ASPAC Conference papers. This index is organized alphabetically by geographic region . In order to find the paper that you are interested in, please click on the nation below which corresponds to the nature of the paper which you are interested in.

China / Chinese Studies
Japan / Japanese Studies
Korea / Korean Studies
Vietnam / Vietnamese Studies
Other Regions / Studies

China / Chinese Studies

Anderson, Eugene
University of California, Riverside
Fishing People’s Medicine: Variations on Chinese Themes

Barlow, Jeffrey
Pacific University, Oregon, USA
“Decisive Battles: Parallels Between the Battles of the Kunlun Pass (China 1054) and Hastings (England, 1066)

Chen, Leslie
On Sun Yatsen’s Three Principles of the People

Cooney, Kevin J.
Department of Political Science Union University, Jackson, TN
Chinese-American Hegemonic Competition in East Asia: A New Cold War or Into the Arms of America?

Critchfield, Ted
Universiry of Guam, Guam
China, Japan, and Power
HISP: Rapid Route to Reading

Harman, Joshua Aleksandr
Relative Deprivation and Worker Unrest in Mainland China

Jay, Jennifer W
University of Alberta, Alberta, Canada
Eunuchs and Sinicization in the non-Han Conquest Dynasties of China

Jiang, Ying
University of Adelaide
Brainwashed or Free of the Government’s Intervention? Dissecting China’s Young Generation’s “Anti-Western” Sentiments

Kawamoto, Kevin
University of Washington
Subduing the Digital Dragon: Controlling the Internet in Asia

Lam, Karen K.W.
University of Alberta, Alberta, Canada
The Baoying (Retribution) of the Femme Fatale: A Comparative Study of Causality Amongst the Dispositional, the Situational, and the Deviational Aspects in the Works of Feng Menglong
Chaste and Untalented Wives, Lewd and Talented Courtesans: An Examination on the Inversion of Two Archetypal Female Figures In Jingshi Tonyan

Li, Lifan
Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences
Energy Cooperation and Competition within the framework of The Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO)

Li, Xiaoming & Lan, Yuping
Massey University, Albany, New Zealand
Implications of the Asian Financial Crisis for China: Is Devaluation the only Way Out?

University of Edinburgh
Women and Business in Early Twentieth-century China: A Preliminary Investigation

Lu, Zhaolu
Hampshire College, Massachusetts, USA
The Mencian Theory of Human Xing Reconsidered

McGraw, David
Su Shi (1037-1101) and the Humor of Resistence

Mustain, Gene
Univeristy of Hong Kong
An American in China: The Literary Journalism of Peter Hessler

Sheng, Michael M.
Southwest Missouri University, Missouri, USA
Mao’s Ideology, Personality, and the CCP’s Foreign Relations

Shih, Victor
Political Efficacy and Village Committee in Rural China

Shrader, Douglas W.
SUNY Oneonta, Oneonta, NY
Between Self and No-Self: Lessons from the Majjhima Nikaya

Sines, Abigail
56 Flowers: Ethnic Tourism in China

Yanhong, Zhu
University of Southern California, California, USA
Undertaking the Mission of Transmitting the Way: Chinese Literati Under Mongol Rule

Yu, Shiao-ling
Oregon State University, Oregon, USA
Gender and Theater: Changing Images of Women on the Chinese Stage



Japan / Japanese Studies

Akaha, Tsuneo
Monterey Institute of International Studies, California, USA
US-Japan Security Alliance Adrift?
An Illiberal Hegemon or an Understanding Partner?” Japanese Views of the United States in the Post-Cold War Era.pdf

Bensky, Xavier Benjamin
University of Washington, Washington, USA
Commodified Comedians and Mediatized Manzai: Osakan Comic Duos and Their Audience

Breuning, Loretta
California State University at Hayward, California, USA
Transparency International and the Anti-Corruption Movement in Asia

Childs, Cynthia
University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
Modernity and the Colonial Cityscape in the Works of Kim Tongni and Kajiyama Toshiyuki

Danaher, Mike
Central Queensland University, Australia
What Price the Environment?: an Analysis of Japanese Public Awareness of Environmental Issues.

Iles, Timothy
An Apocalypse of Lonliness – Technology as a Force of Alienation in Kurosawa Kiyoshi’s Kairo

Itoh, Mayumi
University of Nevada at Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Japan-Southeast Asia Relations: Perception Gaps, Legacy of World War II, and Economic Diplomacy
Political Leadership in Japan: The Case of the Democratic Party of Japan

Johnson, Chalmers
University of California San Diego, California, USA
The Failure of Japanese and American Leadership after the Cold War: The Case of Okinawa

Kahn, B. Winston
Arizona State University, Arizona, USA
The Creation of the Japan Foundation: Image Making or Cultural Exchange?

Kitamura, Aya
University of Hawaii at Manoa
Observers and Performers: A Sociological Analysis on Interaction Dynamics of Studying Japanese Women

Loftus, Ronald P.
Willamette University, Oregon, USA
Memoirs of a Female Marxist: The Autobiography of Fukunaga Misao
Women’s Autobiographical Writing in 20th Century Japan: Oku Mumeo’s Nobi aka aka to
Remembering Showa: Reading Sawachi Hisae’s Watashi ga ikita Showa (The Shōwa I Have Lived)

Makita, Yasuko
University of Guam, Guam
The Effectiveness of Dramatic/Role-Playing Activities in the Japanese Language Classroom

Mockford, Jim
Friends of MacDonald
Maritime Explorations of the Coast of Japan in the Late 18th Century

Pugarelli, Nobuko
University of Hawaii / Honolulu Community College
Oe Kenzaburo and the Fifty-year Postwar Period

Sato, Yoichiro
University of Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand
Retail Revolution? Or Retail Evolution?Political Influence of Small Retailers in Japan
What Do Media Do to Our Mutual Understanding?: Mechanism of Skewed Information Flow Out of Japan

Shorb, Patrick
Princeton University, New Jersey, USA
Nationalism, Liberalism, Censorship, War: Tôyô Keizai Shinpô, 1937-1945

Smith, Ian
Sakaguchi Ango and the Morality of Decadence

Spence, Sharon
What Women Want: Finding Fulfillment in Japan and America

Teraguchi, Maho
Chuzaiin: Visiting/Sojourning Japanese Business People in Silicon Valley

Yoshida, Kaori
Western Washington University, Washington, USA
Evolution of Female Heroes: Carnival Mode of Gender Representation in Anime


Korea / Korean Studies

Childs, Cynthia
University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
Modernity and the Colonial Cityscape in the Works of Kim Tongni and Kajiyama Toshiyuki

Nam, Kyoung-Ah
University of Oregon, Oregon, USA
Confucian-Based Cultural Values and Inluences on the Portrayal of Women in Korean Television Commercials

Park, Byungho
Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana, USA
“PC-bang” Brought a “big-bang: The Unique Aspect of the Korean Internet Industry

Park, Jinim
Experiences of “Soldiers of Fortune”: A Study of Korean Novels about the Vietnam War

Pilzer, Josh
Work, Time and Korean Percussion Music


Vietnam / Vietnamese Studies

Barlow, Jeffrey
Pacific University, Oregon, USA
War and Remembrance: The Case of the Vietnam War

Kawamoto, Kevin
University of Washington
Subduing the Digital Dragon: Controlling the Internet in Asia

Nguyen-vo, Thu-huong
University of California at Irvine, California, USA
Prostitution in a Liberalizing Vietnam: The Economy, Hierarchy and Geography of Pleasure

Torres, Linda R.
Chicano Vietnam Veterans: Missing at Home

Tran, Angie Ngoc
University of Southern California, California, USA
State Policies in the Global Economy: The case of the Vietnamese Textile and Garment Industries


Other Regions / Studies

Asciutti, Elena
Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies, Pisa, Italy
Global World – Identities, Values, Boundaries

Azizian, Rouben
Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies, Honolulu
Russia, the United States and the post-September 11 Security Challenges in Asia

Baker, Don
University of British Columiba, Vancouver, Canada
On Western Learning: A Neo-Confucian Critique of Western Values

Breuning, Loretta
California State University at Hayward, California, USA
Transparency International and the Anti-Corruption Movement in Asia

Brown, Michael
Race and Gender in the World of Victorio Velasco: Dominance, Subordination, and Changes in Context

Chia-Sui, Sun
University of Beirmingham, UK
Globalization, Internet and Cultural Flows–The Case of the Taiwanese Publishing Industry

Espiritu, Antonia
Hawaii Pacific University
Regional Trading Blocs, Internet Use and Economic Integration

Gawlick, Mechthild
Adaptation Strategies of Second Generation Asian Indians Diplomacy

Hines, Naseem A.
The Dialectics of the Empire: Anti-Colonial, Nationalist or Postcolonial, anti-Nationalist Narratives

Hooper, Paul F.
A Brief History of the Institute of Pacific Relations

Hutabarat, Ria
University of California, Berkeley
Transportation, Landuse, and Indonesioa’s Urban Poor

Kawamoto, Kevin
University of Washington
Subduing the Digital Dragon: Controlling the Internet in Asia

Lim, Ben Kock
Kyoto University
Salt Industry of Bangladesh: “Rural-Urban Industrial Shift”

Nithiyanandam, V. Nithi
Massey University, Albany Campus, Auckland New Zealand
The Political Economy of Ethno-Nationalism in Asia: Some Lessons From Sri Lamka’s Experience

Redmond, Dennis
East Asian Tropes in Hayao Miyazaki’s Spirited Away

Saxena, Vibha
Private Voice and Public Media: The antinomies within a postcolonial perspective

Siler, Michael J.
California State University, Los Angeles, California, USA
US/Philippines Economic and Trading Relations in the Post-Cold War Period

Sundberg, Norman D.
Toward Systemicizing Life Stories in Asian Studies Research

Wood, Glynn
Sri Lankan Stalemate: Going Off the Screen in the Post Cold War