Volume 1 (2001-2002)

(Bedeski, Robert) Mongolia and China: New Challenges in Human Security.pdf

(Cabanda, Emilyn) A Comparative Study of Asian Telecommunications Policy Reforms: Japan, Malaysia, and the Philippines.pdf

(Choompol, Pattarachit) Asian Values and the Financial Crisis: A Case Study of Thailand.pdf

(Itoh, Mayumi) U.S. Occupation and Hatoyama Ichiro’s Purge.pdf

(Keaveney, Christopher) Uchiyama Kanzô’s Shanghai Bookstore and Its Impact on May Fourth Writers.pdf

(Li, Mu Yang) Public Finance and Political Order: Lessons from China’s Economic Development in the Late Nineteenth Century.pdf

(Mosk, Carl) Facilitating Growth, Coordinating Growth: Municipal Policy, City Planning, and Industrial Development in Prewar Japan.pdf

(Shamoon, Deborah) Sun Tribe: Cultural Production and Popluar Culture in Post-War Japan.pdf