There are two levels of publishing offered. (1) E-AsPac Articles: double-blind peer reviewed articles, and (2) AsPac Conference Papers: non-peer reviewed papers.

(1) E-AsPac Articles

E-AsPac is the open-access electronic journal of the scholarly association AsPac (Asian Studies on the Pacific Coast), the regional organization of the Association for Asian Studies. E-AsPac is peer reviewed by a board of scholars in Asian Studies. Technical support is provided by the Berglund Center for Internet Studies (BCIS) at Pacific University Oregon. We are staffed by student majors from the Computer Science, Integrated Media, and Asian Studies programs at Pacific.

Our peer-reviewing practices are “double-blind,” meaning that neither the authors nor the editors can identify each other. We maintain standards similar to those of any professional journal. We presume that submissions are finished products intended to make a scholarly contribution to the appropriate field of Asian Studies. Indications of scholarly quality include the inclusion of a bibliography that makes it evident that the author is familiar with the current state of the field, appropriate foot- or endnotes, a subjective or scholarly “voice,” careful proofreading and correction. We presume that most pieces will be based in part in materials originally written in the language of the subject field.

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(2) AsPAc Conference Papers

For submissions that do not meet the above scholarly standards, we provide another venue for electronic publishing: “AsPac Conference Papers.” AsPac Conference Papers are intended to be less finished pieces, perhaps representing work in progress, reports of interesting field projects, or written for a wider audience. The site of which the papers are one component receives more than 4500 visitors on an average day, mostly college and university students doing research in Asian Studies. Fully 10% of the traffic is from outside the United States, principally from Japan, Canada, and Australia, in that order. It is possible to write for AsPac Papers and later upgrade the piece for publication in E-AsPac.

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