Past Esterline Prize Winners


Two First Place Winners:

Benjamin Uchiyama, “Bingeing on Total War: The Wartime Dandy and Male Consumer Culture on the Japanese Home Front”

Yulian Wu, “Scholar Merchants: Luxury Consumption, Confucian Ideology, and Aesthetic Taste of Bao Household’s Lineage Construction in Huizhou during the High Qing Era”



First Place:

Jeet Bahadur Sapkota, “Does Globalization Affect Human Development, Gender Development, and Human Poverty?: Evidence from the KOF Index of Globalization”

2007 East-West Center, Hawaii
2003 East-West Center, Hawaii
First Place: Young-Jin Choi, University of Hawaii, Manoa, “Post-Mao Institutional Transformation and SOE Reform in China”

Second Place: Douglas Lanam, Independent Scholar, “Gender Cleansing: The Innocent World of Young Girls in Suzuki Izumi’s ‘Onna to Onna no Yo no Naka’ (The Age of Woman to Woman)”

2002 Bellingham, Washington
First Place: Scott Handler, East-West Center, Hawaii “Leading to Economic Resilince during the urban Transition in Vietnam”

Second Place: Eileen Vickery, University of Oregon, “Material Girl: Love, Desire and the Modern Chinese woman in Wei Hui’s ‘Shanghai Baobei’”

2001 Monterey, California
First Place: Zhang Tingting, “Assessing the Loss of Agency Control–A Study of Central-Provincial Relations in Post-Mao China”

Second Place: Baek, Young-Nahm, “The Origin of Asian Financial Crisis: a case of government intervention”

Honorable mentions: Cabana, Emilyn, “A comparative Study of Asian Telecommunications Policy Reforms: Japan, Malaysia and the Philippines”

Yang, Mu, “Public Finance and Political Order: Lessons from the Wing’s Downfall in Late Imperial China”

2000 Eugene, Oregon
First Place: Erik Esselstrom, University of California, Santa Barbara, “The ‘Invisible Hand” of Russo-Japanese Relations: Kawakami Toshitsune, 1861-1935”

Second Place: Shinyi Chao, University of British Columbia, “Daoist Examinations and Daoist Schools During the Northern Sung Dynasty”

Honorable mention: Brian Bruya, University of Hawaii, “Qing and Emotion in Early Chinese Thought”

1999 San Diego, California
First Place: Swagata Banerjee, University of Nevada, Reno, “Dealing with the Ganges – A Socio-politico-economic Approach: An Extreme Case of Water Pollution.”

Second Place: Sameer Pandya, Stanford University, “The Post Colonial Mahatma: The Nationalist Autobiography at Century’s End”

1998 University of Hawaii
First Place: Harmon, Joshua “Relative Deprivation and Worker Unrest in Mainland China”

Second Place: Hu, Xing, “Sexuality and Subjectivity: Jia Pingwa’s The Abandoned Capital”

Honorable Mentions: Lam, Karen “The Baoying (Retribution) of the Femme Fatale”

Zhou, Baodi, “Thomas S. Foley and Japan”

1997 Hayward-San Jose, California
First Place: Patrick Shorb, Princeton University, “Nationalism, Liberalism, Censorship, War: Toyo Keizai Shinpo, 1937-1945”

Second Place: Gavin Shatkin, Rutgers University “Social Movements for Land and Housing in southeast Asian Cities: A Case Study of Phnom Penh, Cambodia”

1994 Guam
First Place: Ngoc B. Tran, University of Southern California; “Role of the State: The Case of the Vietnamese Textile and Garment Industry since the Late 1980s”

Second Place: William H. Cullinan, University of Hawaii at Manoa; “A Characterization of Nichiren”

Third Place: Elizabeth Chien, Richardson School of Law, University of Hawaii; “A Unification Proposal for the Greater China: PRC, ROC, and Hong Kong”