Welcome to ASPAC

ASPAC is a regional affiliate of the Association for Asian Studies (AAS), the national association of professionals, primarily academic, interested in Asian Studies. Members come from the West coast of the United States of America, as well as from Canada, Mexico, and most of the countries/areas of the Pacific region including: China, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, India, etc.

ASPAC primary functions:

  • To hold an annual conference.
  • To publish peer-reviewed articles.
  • To disseminate works in progress and non-peer reviewed conference papers that are of interest to the academic community.
  • To provide an archive for documents and photos relating to Asian Studies on the Pacific Coast. (Currently peer-review article publication is on hold pending the selection of a new editor and editorial staff.)


E-ASPAC is in its seventh year of publication and is now a well-established electronic journal in the field of Asian Studies. E-ASPAC articles are peer-reviewed and are intended to make a contribution to their field of study equivalent to that of any paper published in a traditional scholarly journal such as The Journal of Asian Studies.

ASPAC Conference Papers

ASPAC Conference Papers, while written by professional scholars in the appropriate field, are not peer-reviewed. ASPAC Papers were usually presented at our conferences, but other submissions are welcome. Many established scholars have chosen to publish directly with ASPAC Papers, perhaps because they want to publish quickly or to reach a large audience.

ASPAC Archive